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What our clients are saying...

What our customers are saying

As an expectant mom juggling work & a high risk pregnancy, I felt overwhelmed with life. The stress was affecting me in many ways. Working with Gloria changed everything. I was able to shift away from fears, anxiety, reduce stress, and make time to nourish and care for myself properly. I am almost due to deliver my baby and have had an amazing pregnancy thanks to working with Gloria. I feel well equipped to enter this new stage of life connected to my inner brilliance, and filled with joy. I am sure that more challenges will show themselves as a new mom, but I feel prepared for anything. Besides, Gloria is always a phone call away!

Meena K.


What our customers are saying

Your belief in me gave me the confidence to work out ways of improvement, knowing how important it is that these answers be found by me, within me to enable them to be so powerful & successful.

Lynne V.


What our customers are saying

Before I met Gigi (Gloria) I had many opportunities in front of me but I was feeling overwhelmed and I had no confidence in making the decisions. I was feeling stuck & confused. My career has progressed in a positive direction and I am now functioning better in physical and emotional health. Thank you Gigi for your help. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Michael W.


What our customers are saying

I just wanted to let you know that you helped plant the tiny seeds that made big things happen.

Julianne N.

Lexington, Massachusetts

What our customers are saying

Like you always said to me, " do the work and I promise you things will happen." I can't believe where I am now versus where I was over the summer. I'm on the road to Montana, and thanks to you I'm seeing more road signs. Thank you!

Steve W.


What our customers are saying

Through my coaching with Gigi I was able to shift my awareness onto my value system as opposed to staring at my circumstances each day and feeling pulled into a hole. It's powerful because I want meaning, I want to live up to my values and what's right and good for me! So, I truly learned the value of letting go and receiving the abundance of knowledge for every situation that gives life, love and meaning to who I am and what I can do with this fearless self awareness.

Sabrina G.


What our customers are saying

I really enjoyed working with Gloria. Gloria is respectful and listens to your specific hopes & dreams. She has the ability to help you understand and plan long term goals. Gloria gives you the support and the skills to create step by step short term goals that help you reach your dreams. Most importantly, Gloria kindly and lovingly holds you accountable with your progress and plans through email. She has been the biggest support in helping me change and will be my go to coach going forward. She's my secret weapon at conquering life.

Brieanna C.

Boston, Massachusetts